Friday, 23 March 2012

tragedi mac

in the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~) 

how are u guys doing..? i pray to Allah that we are all in a pink of health (betol ke idiom ni..?) 

i met with an accident last sunday and still suffering the pain.. well it really hurts.. this ain't kidding.. ooohhhh.. last sunday, after lawsoc's (law society) meeting, (which was more like gotong-royong set-up tables and chairs for the Book Fair) which was right after azan Asar, i rode on my Umar (i change my bike's to go back to my makngah's house -as i'm staying at hers- and i got involved with an accident.. yes..the road should be blamed too.. there are like millions of holes on the road and it obviously is DANGEROUS..! the road i used was a going-down-the-hill and it is narrow.. there were more than i knew accidents happened there.. the most tragic one was when a bus hit a pedestrian.. it's sccaaarryyyy..! back to my story, as i went down the hill, i actually saw a motorcycle from the opposite direction.. that man who rode the motorcycle was like a drunk man (ok.. he was not drunk) he was like (from my view) not sure where to go.. he seemed like gonna stop.. but then he speed.. i was not so sure myself whether he wanted to stop and give way to me (itu jalan saya sebenarnya) or to cross me.. and suddenly.. in a blink of eye.. i fell on the road.. that man was so angry and said "awak nak pergi mana sebenarnya?"  i was panicked because Umar is still new and yet he involved with an accident.. POOR UMAR.. :( 

i was supposed be mad at that man.. it was not solely MY FAULT..! *geram 3 saat gggrrrr* i didn't realize my thumb was bleeding.. i thought it'was just a small cut, so i sucked the blood (i'm not a vampire yaaa).. but then suddenly the blood kept on flowing out.. and within 3 minutes, my hand was covered with dark-red blood.. and i'm sure my face turned pale sebab saya mabuk darah.. that man still with his ketat face..but upon seeing the blood at my hand, he asked "awak ok tak?" i nodded and said "saya ok jer.. awak ok tak?" at that moment i didn't feel the pain yet and decided to just go home and wash it with the pipe water.. but when i began to start my bike, my thumb felt numb.. the blood was happily going down to my wrist.. i noticed my bike was stained with the blood so did my jeans.. i turned back to PUSAT KESIHATAN.. i parked my bike at the emergency entrance and went to the counter..

the receptionist told me to go to BILIK RAWATAN.. a nurse came in a minute later.. she told to me that she gonna remove my thumb-nail.. i thought she gonna give an injection first, but she didn't.. can u imagine the pain i had to endure..? sumpah SAKIT GILAK..!!! i was fully-conscious when my nail was removed.. ya Allah, aku terlompat semasa detik pencabutan kuku tersebut.. and i couldn't hold back my tears.. oohhh.. :( she cleaned the laceration and balut my ibu jari.. my thumb looked so big.. it was funny though.. :D

after 3 days.. i went to a clinic and met a doctor.. he told me to go scan my thumb because it might be broken.. oohhh..~~

so peeps.. this is my advice.. how experience you are in riding a motorcycle, please be extra careful.. if u don't hit people, people might hit u from the back.. read your prayer and may Allah take care of us.. :) 

p/s: i saw him just once this week.. alahai.. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

march 2012

in the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i'm 20(oohh that's so lame) and now i'm in the 2nd semester of Bachelor of Legal Studies (BLS)..
i'm currently living with my makngah at sek 6 as my applications to stay in the college were rejected (actually i can stay in the hostel if i BEG but i chose not to do's not cool man.. :P) my pointer for the first semester was not as great as i hoped and expected but still, i'm thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity to continue my journey of live in the LAW faculty..

i'm bounded for a year with LAW SOCIETY and i'm so delightful for getting selected as one of the members of the family.. i'm engaged as a Program Director for an event that is meant to be held in May and i'm working on the proposal for that event.. it ain't easy man.. seriously.. i kid u NOT..! 

and yeeaaahh..i just got a new bUah-hati-intan-payung.. his name is FREDDIE..! i named him that because he is RED.. he ain't a HUMAN obviously.. \(0_0)/ he is my new motorcycle.. oohhhhhh.. he's so damn handsome..!! i pray to Allah to always keep him safe and sound..ameen..

ya Allah, please assist me in whatever things i do..
Ease my works so that i can always give my best..
Bless me, my parents, my family, and the whole muslims.. =P (ameeen)

p/s:was waiting to see him..but still kening-mata-hidung- tak nampak.. :(