Monday, 30 July 2012


in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

it's kinda late to wish u guys Ramadhan Mubarak rite..? but 'kinda late' is way much better than not saying or praying it at all.. so SELAMAT  MENGIMARAHKAN RAMADHAN  peeps!! Ramadhan only comes a month in a year.. don't miss it because we don't know whether we are able to celebrate this month of barakah next year.. treat this month as a turning point for us to become a better muslim :D Next year is not a sure thing.. so let's make the terawih the best and the bestest terawih that we ever perform.. stand tall, bow long and prostrate devoutly..!

today marks the 11th day of Ramadhan.. Time flew by and the clock ticked fast.. now is the second phase of Ramadhan where Allah promised  forgiveness to those who humbly seek for it.. let's not turn this precious moment as a hopeless dust which brings nothing in our life.. ALLAHUAKBAR..!

and also i have a program with my juniors in my ex-secondary school this weekend.. we, the SUPER SENIORS secara julung-julung kalinya will make our first appearance in the school for a two-day program.. i pray to Allah that everything will go just fine and ends successfully.. ameen..

i'm currently searching for the better ME.. me, as i far as i know, i speak loud, i laugh hard, i talk a lot, i listen less, i keep my ego high, i cry too little, i'm too selamba-aci-redah, i act harsh and the list of my not-s0-good-attitude goes on.. For the better ME, i pray to Allah to open my heart as wide and broad as the sea so that i'll be able to make changes in life.. though it may not be a lot, but still, i hope there will be a better ME soon.. ameen :)

*i don't change personality.. i'm just improving my attitude :)

Monday, 9 July 2012


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i had a date with abang today.. it was wonderful because i didn't spend any penny of mine.. abang had kindly pay for everything today.. i just landed on penang yesterday's evening and last night i asked abang.. "belanja kakak tengok wayang" and he nodded.. i was like "terbaik la bang..!" because usually i'll be the one bearing all the cost when we went lepaking.. but today he was being extremely sweet as he just got money transferred into his account last two days (^_^)

we went to watch The Amazing Spiderman.. i got rm4 discount after i showed the receptionist/cashier my student card.. but abang didn't get any less.. poor abang..but it's ok..he got money.. ooh yeeaahh... 

i sat beside him in the cinema.. the sit next to me was still empty although the movie was about to start.. abang then whispered to me "kalau takdak orang, duduk kerusi sebelah tu.." i said "asal plak?" he innocently replied "rimas laa.." and i was like... that's so SWEEETTT of u abang.. haaiisshh..


i'm close with my big bro.. i feel secure whenever i'm with him.. i can feel his brotherly love towards us (his adik2) although he seldom express it.. i can talk and share with him anything daripada cerita kereta, motor, sports, problems, love, berat badan, rambut, baju, kasut and etc.. he's a good listener and a good adviser too walaupun selalunya aku yang jadi tukang nasihat.. we are close and in fact with other siblings pon we are close.. i feel sorry for those who are the only child and those who never have heart towards their siblings.. it's a waste though.. sayang selagi boleh sayang.. sebab sayang tu yang akan cool you down whenever you have a fight with your siblings.. 

*motif post adalah utk mengespreskan sayang aku kepada abang dan adik2 aku.. :)