Friday, 5 October 2012

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i am supposed to be on track and jogging right now but the sky does not let me do so.. that's why i'm writing in this early morning instead of jogging or SLEEPING..lalalala.. Allah knows BeST.. kalau tak gerimis kat luar tu, entah bila aku nak update blog ni.. :D

what am i going to write this time..? actually, i don't have any specific thing that i wanna share.. so, i'll just write what comes in my mind right away.
first, i just ended a very busy-hectic week which was last week.. i had three events straight in one week, starting with book fair, jamuan hari raya and lex familia (family day for law school). Those events were organized by my dear law society where i am one of the committees. I was handed with a task to be under biro logistik for book fair and jamuan hari raya dan biro keselamatan for lex familia..basically logistic deals with tables, chairs, tents, PA system, and stuffs.. it was not hard since i've been doing it for ages *ok, itu propa 

For jamuan raya, the theme was classic and traditional, so i chose to wear dark brown kebaya labuh which is not ikut-bentuk-badan-sangat.. because it was the first time i wore kebaya in public.. i mean in law faculty *i actually wore it once last sem* people were like... "Nani nampak lain laa" "Kat mana beli..?""kebaya ni nampak just nice, tak ikut body pon" well, thanks to makcik Ani, our official tailor kat kampung who made me this awesome kebaya although the sleeves are not long enough to cover my wrist..
on that night itself, whilst i was flipping through a magazine which i forgot the name, i stopped at this one particular page which have a bunch of people with dyed hair. One of my colleague *not yet colleague, but a friend of mine* said this,
"teringin la nak dye rambut.." 
and i gave her a quick reply
"eh, mana boleh.. Allah tak kasi"
then, another friend of mine who was also with me at that time added
"ala boleh jer, pakai yang syurah, yang tu halal"
and i was like "yang tu pon tak boleh"
of course my friend was not satisfied with my answer..
"dalam Islam, hanya inai dengan katam jer yang boleh pakai"
and our conversation stopped there when we saw some of the VIPs were arriving..

I came to realize that people not doing something halal or in other words, do what they think is right is because they are ignorant of the rules or hukum.. they don't know whether it is allowed or forbidden by Islam.. that is the reason i see people with dyed hair performing prayer.. They don't know the act of dyeing the hair is haram because it changes the nature of hair that Allah had created.. hhmmmmm... THEY DON't KNOW

For lex familia, i became a paramedic who carried ice and and bandage every time the sports began.. it was fun though.. learning new things like how to handle a person who sprained or strained their legs was a new experience to me.. ooh yeaahh.. i cured lots of people that day.. hahahaha..

there's no second point as i'm about to end this post.. lol~
the busy week has ended and a new busy+busy+busy week is approaching.. Abah called and he was worried as he thought i would neglect my study which is my first priority.. but i won't do that.. i have to get a good pointer this time round to secure my place for LLB.. I hope Allah assists me and never let me be swayed by all these clinging stuffs..

p/s: i'm about to move out from makngah's house..