Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's 2014!

Peace be upon u and hi people (^_~)
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

February, 2014!! Yes, people! 2014 has finally came and i'm unofficially 22 *gulp*
22 huh?? So what? Do I care? OF COURSE dude..!!!!
My grandmother already asked about her calon-cucu-menantu and even about her future 'cicit'!! wowoWOWOWO. CHill..!! Let me graduate first! Love can come later, isn't? No? Hhmmm.

I'm praying I can complete my degree this year and graduate with Law Degree by the end of this very year! Ameen. Plus, may my Mr Right and Righteous appear sooner and make my life easier. Eh. :D

Recommendable CONDITION For Betrothal

QS: Why a religious woman should be prioritized instead of her beauty, wealth and rank/status?

            Abu Hurairah R.A. reported that the Prophet S.A.W. said;
            “Woman may be married for four reasons; for her property, her rank,
            her beauty and her religion. So get the one who is religious and you
            will prosper.”

            The Prophet S.A.W. said a man’s life will strive upon marrying a religious woman. The reason behind it (in prioritizing a religious woman for a marriage) is that all the other three criterions (beauty, wealth, rank) can be automatically gained.

            First, let’s deal with religion against beauty. I believe Allah’s creation is never ugly and beauty is a subjective matter as the saying goes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. A flawless-beautiful-drop-dead-gorgeous woman will possibly be seen as ugly if the personality and the attitude are terrible and heart-aching. A regular and ordinary woman with beautiful heart and ‘akhlak’ could outshine the physical beauty that the other woman has. A religious woman will continuously observe her attitude and that quality do not come in package with beautiful face. Such inner beauty needs effort and patience before it forms part of one self.

            The Apostle of Allah also said;
            “Do not marry women for their good looks, as their beauty might destroy
            them; and do not marry them for their wealth as their riches might lead
            them to be overbearing. Marry them for their religion; and a black and
            unattractive maid who is religious is better [than them both]”

            Those who marry women because of their looks are usually because of love-at-the-first-sight. However, one shouldn’t rely on Cupid’s arrow to keep that spark through the marriage because beauty will fade as time passes. After all, beauty in a wife is indeed in the eyes of the beholder husband.

            Second, religion against wealth. Wealth may be inherited from the ancestors. But wealth also can diminish or disappear if it is not handled carefully. Wealth cannot be sustained with the existence of spendthrift descendants. And the probability to lose the wealth is very high if the very descendant is a woman. I dare to say that the temptation to shop is of no joke! If a man marries a woman because of her wealth/properties, can the marriage be preserved when her money drains? Or will the ‘akad’ between them break into pieces? I doubt the husband will stay beside her wife during her downfall if money is all he saw when he married her. However, the situation will be different if the woman knows and keenly adhere to what is stated in the Quran;

            Surah Al-Isra’  (17:27)
            “Verily, spendthrifts are brothers of the Shayatiin (devils), and the Satan
            is ever ungrateful to his Lord.”

            Such woman will try to hold herself from over-spending and will also look after her husband’s properties

            The Apostle of Allah said (by Abu Umamah);
            “The best that benefits a believer, after [possessing] the fear of Allah The
            Almighty, is a pious wife who minds what he bids her, pleases him when
            he looks at her, helps him fulfill his oath and protects her chastity and his
            property in his absence.”
                                                                                                            (Ibn Maajah)

            Besides, based on Surh Ar-Ra’d, a believer man and woman will not let themselves and their family to live in poor. They will keep on trying to become successful so that they can live in a descent way. They believe that their position in life will not be lifted up if they sit still and do nothing and their wealth may be taken back from them if they do not handle it in a good way.
            Surah Ar-Ra’d   (13:11)
            “…Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of people as long as they
            do not change their state of goodness themselves (by committing sins and
            by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah).”

            Third is the rank or status of a woman. I would say that the rank or status mentioned in the hadith refers to the social status of a person. A frequently asked question would be "Does she come from a good family?" I'm not saying that it is a SIN to not own a good family background because there must be some situations that occurred in the past that make the family turn out to not be a good family. But the concern is that if both the male and the female are not of the same social status, there might be issues arise later on. For instance, if the male has a good family background; well-educated and pious family and he chooses a woman who can't even read and doesn't practice Islam in her life. Sooner or later, if any conflict arises between them, her unfortunate background might be raised up. Of course, a man should guide and teach her wife about Islam and life as it is part of his husband's obligation but one should know that there is evil who will always try to tear up the relationship. It is better to choose a person with the same rank to avoid such situation from happening. Even if is fated that both man and woman are of different rank, they should work out the relationship and do their very best to sustain the marriage.

            Islam teaches the sons of Adam to tie their hearts with women who have this one unchangeable element, ‘iman’ (faith). If they heed this one element, come hell or high water, the marriage will always stay in-tact (with His will). This is because both of them (the husband and the wife) know their responsibilities and obligations towards each other.

            A religious woman will try her best to look beautiful to only her husband, protect her chastity (in order to protect her husband’s dignity) and also protect the properties they have. One has nothing to lose by marrying a religious woman and he actually gains something more from it. We just have to believe in His promise and we will prosper.

            Surah An-Nur   (24:26)
            “Bad women for bad men and bad men for bad women. Good women
            for good men and good men for good women….”

Thus, one should also realize that, to have someone as great as Siti Fatimah, he should be as profound as Saidina Ali. Let us be a great person because eventually, a great partner would be sent to us :D

p/s: credits to some websites and persons that I referred to which I've already forgotten 

Friday, 6 September 2013

A wrap

peace be upon and hi peeps (^_~)

Today is the last day of the month of joyous celebration- Syawal- The month where Muslims all over the world should have celebrated with happiness after the one whole of starving-for-good month -Ramadhan-. Syawal also marked the tragedy of Rabi'a massacre in Egypt. An inhumane, cruel and vicious crime I would say. May Allah bless all the brothers and sisters there.

Ramadhan and Shawal were well spent-off in court. Oh yaa, I did my Industrial Training (a.k.a attachment) at Magistrates Court Balik Pulau for 6 weeks. A very small community as there are only 12 staffs there including me. Everyone was nice. The problem is just me. Couldn't attach myself to the staffs because there are too much age gaps between us. But me, my BIG BOSS and another male staff, kitorang boleh jadi geng. Because both of them are still in their twenties.

-this super sexy superbike belongs to my big boss-

I remembered being so persistent about going to a new lokap located at Bayan Baru. My big boss refused to bring me along because the place would be full of males and I would be the only female there. He even said "sanggup ke kalau tiba-tiba those prisoners londeh baju seluar masa kamu tengah melawat tu?" and I was like "we'll see how it goes sir". It took quite some times to convince him that I'll be fine and I'll take full responsibility if anything happens during the visit. Thankfully, there was no 18 sx scene and I keluar dari tempat tahanan in a good shape. 

As for raya, there was no incident of accident-love-story like last year and I'm grateful for that. Such incident shouldn't have happened. Aiyooo.
I do nothing memorable today and I guess that's a wrap for my raya. 

Another important thing is next week.

New semester is opening very soon and me is so eager to start this new sem. I can't hold myself from being so excited. The thought of studying and being busy just made the butterflies in my stomach fly joyfully!! 
<--- don't worry, I'm still normal and as a normal person I won't be saying that. Hahahaha. I'm praying that I won't be playing too much as I need to secure my pointer at a safe level. May everything go well and may this senior year be a memorable one! :D

p/s: let's pray for the safety of the brothers and sisters who are oppressed in Egypt and in any other parts of the world. May Allah protect them and us. Ameen.