Saturday, 21 January 2012

january 2012 #1

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

this is my first post for this year.. yeah..quite late for me to wishing you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR..
but better LATE than NEVER rite..? *yeaahh..
i was with my abang n kak wa on my new year eve.. it was an exciting over-nite-outing..
*i'm looking forward to go to bukit Ampang AGAIn.. the scene was nice.. :D

i started my new year with a pray to Allah.. i hope i can be a better me..insyaAllah and ameen..
then i sat for my final examinations for the 1st semester.. oohhooo.. the questions were not hard but to figure out the answers were challenging.. lol~~  i've done my best and i pray for the best.. ameen.. =)

about si kembar (azfar and azwar).. their baba sent them back to Penang together with their umi *clever nani.. how can they go to penang without their umi..sigh
i just visited them on last Friday..guess what..? they have grown bigger and heavier..hahaha..of course they are as they have celebrated their first month birthday on 16/1 =P  as they do not look alike, so it is easy to differentiate or to recognize which one is abang and which one is adik.. *btw..i like abang more.. 

my tokngahabah is sick.. he's treated in hospital as he caught stroke.. my heart ached when i saw him lying on the bed with a long tube sticked on his nose.. tokngah abah.. "you have to get well soon, you have to see my wedding first, and you have to do the 'SET' with me again..please get well.." i pray to Allah to bless his life and bestow him with a good health..ameen..

and peeps.. i'm 20 now..although not yet OFFICIALLY 2o.. now, i can here where ever i go.. people will ask "kakah nak kahwin dah ke..?" "anak siapa..? umur berapa..? dah kahwin" "bila nak kahwin?"
hahahaha.. i do feel like.. i'm BIG enough to think about kahwin thingy.. *sabar jer laa.. 
well, i hope Allah will grant me the right and the righteous man.. ameen..

till my next post..take care peeps.. :)