Sunday, 24 March 2013

Because They Are Precious

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

It's March people and works will never come to an end! Well, that's life. If it's meant to be easy, life won't be interesting. Life will be just boring and dull and lame and so on. Oh, btw, this blog will not be updated regularly because recently, i don't feel like writing *lazy nani -_-

Done with the introductory part. Let's move on to the gist of this post. "Because They Are Precious". Who are 'they'? Well, They are the ones who love you the most in this world although they seldom utter any of those love words. But indeed, they love you forever.

They are our parents.

They are called by various names. It can be mak, mama, mummy, umi, ibu, ma, bonda, abah, ayah, walid, abi, baba or any other words that portray love, affection and respect.

I attended a talk by Mufti Ismail Menk at Pusat Islam UiTM just now. He recited an ayat from the Holy Book, Al-quran about parents. The content of the ayat can be seen as a child should never disrespect his parents or even say "uff" to them. If i were to translate the word "uff" in this days, I would say that it will sound like "iissshh" or the clinching of the word T and H . The slightest sound of complaining or dissatisfying or delaying any works would have bring the same meaning as "uff".

Because they are precious that Allah has said that His blessing will be upon the blessing of parents towards their children. Regardless how bad people think of their parents, they should never build any hatred in their hearts. Parents scold because they care. Parents punish because they love. They don't want their angels to turn out like a screwed person.

I remembered one time when i was mad at abah because he was such in a hurry (which he shouldn't be) and didn't want to wait for me to meet tok before he sent me to the bus station. The bus was scheduled to depart at 9.45 a.m and abah, being abah, whom never want to be late, got us out from home at 8.30 am although he knew it will only took 20 to 25 minutes to get there. I was disappointed and my anger was clearly portrayed on my face. Poor mak, she didn't say much before i left because she knew if i'm mad or not in a good mood, i would reluctantly respond to her question.

I should never be mad that day. My younger sister texted me "Kakak marah sangat ka? Kalau marah sangat pun, tak payahlah tunjuk sangat. Kesian kat mak" and i shed tears upon reading the text. I texted mak and abah and asked for an apology. Mak said "Abah tengah serabut waktu tu..".

I feel bad for letting out my anger that day. I forgot that abah too is a human. He's got problems too. I should never let my anger out for just a mere tiny thing. Well, after all he's the one who pays for my sewa rumah, road text and so on. hahaha.

Maaf sebab kakak buat abah terasa hati.
Kalau kakak marah, sedih, suka atau apa saja, 
it can be easily noticed because they are portrayed on my face.
I'll try my best to not let u or mak terasa hati with my act or words.
Kakak salah, dan kakak minta maaf.
Cinta mak dengan abah banyak-banyak.

Respect them, love them, care for them, give them at least a call a week, never feel ashame to show your love towards them. Appreciate them as long as they are here. Because once they are gone, those hopeless tears will mean nothing.

Remember people, they are not to be thrown away like a piece of trash whenever they become senile or when the thought of they are bringing burden and hardship to you come and whispering. It's the devil who whispers the words. Don't ever listen to it. It's cruel, evil and an act that is so hard to be forgiven. So don't do that!

To those whom Allah has taken back their parents from them, you can still wish for their happiness and blessing in the hereafter. Never forget them in your prayers.

Indeed, they are PRECIOUS