Sunday, 9 September 2012

didik hati

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

new semester has just begun.. here comes the battle again..
i find this semester will be quite challenging as i have to raise up my CGPA which is not as easy as taking off a smelly shirt from my body.. i have to do better this semester.. better in organizing time, relationship with Al-Khaliq, relationship with people and better in giving tarbiyah to myself.. i don't want to be left out again in knowing what is happening to Muslims in the whole world.. i don't want to be ignorant just like before.. i want to be a better me..

it will not be an easy step but i would like to dare myself.. if i do not make any move now, i 'm afraid this kind of opportunity will not come and seek me again.

Yesterday, i had a meeting with my society. It was like a post-mortem for the previous semester.. as i had mentioned before, i was a program director (PD) for an event which was Program "Solat Hajat dan Bacaan Yassin". i gave an order (i prefer this word rather than ASK) to the whole committees to cover their aurats. For guys they had to wear baju melayu and for girls they had to wear baju kurung or jubah.. It's because there are some of them who do not cover their aurats like not wearing hijab or in other word SEXY. i was hoping that that program will be a good start for them to cover their aurats as what has been written in Al-Quran.

I was quite surprised when Endy (High committee) told me that there were people among the committees who thought that me giving them instruction to cover their prohibited parts from ajnabi as HARSH because they said stuff relating to religion is a sensitive thing.

the words that were uttered by me so spontaneously was "it is such a bad excuse.. bad excuse ever.. takkan ada masalah kalau diorang praktikkan (tutup aurat) sendiri"

hhmmm.. now i realized why am i stranded here.. Allah wants me to amend  this situation.. Allah wants me to assist them from straying away from HIM.. This ain't a small thing peeps.. some of them are used to cium-pipi-kiri-kanan when they meet regardless of their sex and hugging is like a norm here..

my contract with this society will end this semester.. i hope i can bring some changes or at least A change in this society.. i pray to Allah to not let me go away from His side and assist me during my hard time..