Thursday, 19 April 2012

confession #1

i started to drink iced coffee when i saw him drank that one day and now i'm addicted to it  *sigh

Sunday, 15 April 2012


i don't even start.. but i've already got rejected.. what a life i have..

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

itu mereka

in the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful
peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

my regular reader (der, u know who u are :P) said that he had been stalking me for a quite sometime but there is no new update.. because of that, i decided to post this entry.. that stalker, i mean my so-called regular reader (mmg ko rajin jenguk blog aku) WAS a person whom i ever got crush with.. i mean, it happened long time ago..hahaha.. we were good friend and still are and i hope will always be.. ameen..

peeps, do u think men and women can be just friends..?
let's watch this first -->

before i had crush with my buddy, i believed that man and woman  can be JUST friend.. because (as for me) once i declare that you are in my friend-list, you can't and will not be someone beyond that.. in other words, you can't surpass the limit and be my pengarang-jantung-hati-limpa..
but yeaahh.. i was wrong.. i had a crush with my good buddy which i shouldn't have.. this is when the saying "love comes naturally" is applicable :D. But, i've cleared that feeling as i really treasure our friendship.. Believe me peeps.. it was not easy..! to CANTAS people from your heart is so painful.. however, i'm glad that i was able to clear that feeling.. oohh yeeaahh.. awesoommee NANI..! to that pakcik.. i wish you all the best in your love story.. i pray that she is the one who is created for u.. and may Allah bless u dude.. :D

Next, is my masuk-lif-tutup sendiri friend.. i knew him from a friend.. i swear peeps.. beliau adalah seorang yang SERABUT..! hahaha.. but yeah, i  enjoy being messed by him.. (lalalala~~) his love story was so interesting and complicated.. i salute him for being so patient with that ANEH girl and for his tender heart.. :D (ok..sila senyum atas pujian ini ) to that dude--> alahaai bang ooii.. i know cinta itu BUTA (tgn dibahu mata ke atas).. but seriously, being dumped for THAT reason is enough to prove that she ain't the one.. i don't know what was your reason for getting back to her, but i believe that u know yourself well-enough to take her back again.. maybe i was wrong.. maybe..she's the one for u because people do make mistake.. whatever it is.. i pray that she will be more appreciative towards you.. 

p/s: penang bergegar tadi.. semoga Allah lindungi keluarga aku.. ameen..