Thursday, 22 December 2011

December-the end of 2011

assalamualaikum and hi peeps (^_~)

#i've decided to write this entry in Malay =D

sudah berkurun jugak la since my last post which i think in november... well, life is hectic.. nak update pun kena curi-curi masa.. kalau tak curi, alamatnya bersawang la blog beta ni.. oohhooo..itu sangat kasihan kalau benar-benar berlaku.. 

minggu ni adalah minggu terakhir untuk sem 1.. memang terasa kejap jer.. dan final exam will start next year which i think in just 2 selain aku akan sit for final exam dalam masa terdekat ni, aku juga baru dapat berita gembira which is maksu had gave birth to 2 little gorgeous-cute-twin boys on the December 16th bersamaan hari Jumaat.. babies adalah kembar tak seiras. Si abang (Anas Azfar) rambut lebat, gelap sikit dari si adik dan aku rasa muka dia macam paksu manakala si adik (Anas Azwar) rambut jarang, lebih cerah dari si abang dan aku rasa lebih iras kepada maksu. Alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat. Sesungguhnya kelahiran babies ni sangatlah ditunggu-tunggu kerana buat julung-julung kalinya dalam family kitorang ada kembar.. so, excited la sikit *ok, excited banyak sebenarnya

-anas azfar-

-anas azwar-

Final week ni memang sibuk. Banyak perkara kena selesaikan plus nak belajar lagi for final.. But yeah, everything will go just fine, InsyaAllah. Sesunggunya aku sangat tak sabar nak jumpa si kembar..! semoga si kembar jadi anak yg soleh.. yang berbakti kepada ibu bapa, agama dan bangsa.. :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

it's getting harder

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i just finished a test on constitutional law.. it was a marathon of tests this week from MLS to contract and the last test for this week was CONSTI.. doing law ain't easy.. memorizing facts and cases aren't as easy as wearing high heels..

in the contract lecture just now, my lecturer gave some briefing on the accurate answer for the test i did last Tuesday..and guess what.. i can't even imagine how my marks will look like.. the previous presentation on contract was NOT good too.. :( 

Ya Allah.. please give me strength to continue this journey until the very end.. i WILL never give up...the journey is just began.. i'll be a loser if i quit now.. actually the word QUIT should never exist in my life's diary.. this is what people call student's life.. you have to endure it no matter how hard it becomes... STUDY is one big thing that students can't escape from..

i pray my carry marks of all subjects would be a really good help to me.. SURVIVING is hard but i have no other choice.. ALLAH..please assist and lead me well.. :)
i got two same news from two friends of mine which startled be a bit.. i thought when wan said
"ada orang nak taaruf dengan kau" he was just joking.. i was like "tak payah nak buat lawak yg tak lawak kat sini.." i didn't ask who's that person as i thought he was just testing me..

 but when lyana affirmed that (she text me and said "ada orang nak taaruf dengan kau") i was like "YA ALLAH" was the person Lyana said is the same person that wan meant..? i was puzzled for awhile.. and finally i got the answer.. YEAH.. the men who asked to taaruf with me were actually the same person..

*aku memang dah besar.. hahahaha..
i didn't say a thing about the request to taaruf.. awal lagi dow.. baru PART 1 degree..
but i'm least i know he's not one of my haters.. *aku ade haters ke..? :P

the man.. that i once had crushed on.. i think Allah has answered my prayers.. i think he is not meant for me.. i'm ok.. and i'm trying to get rid of him as quick as i can..

Ya Allah.. do guide me so that i won't go astray.. give me the strength to be a brave person who will not waive away especially when the hardest part of my life comes and say hi to me.. may YOU give good health to me,my parents and my family.. ameen.. :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

the day i was born..

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

today is my 19th birthday..

yeah..i mom delivered on one nice date..

and today, i bet, is one of the COOLEST date ever..


i'm officially 19 and still single..*hahahaha

i thank Allah for giving me chance to breathe in this world

i thank my parents for raising me and my siblings well

and i thank u peeps..who pray for me on my birthday..

this is a song i dedicated to myself..

Allah selamatkan kamu,
Happy birthday to you,
Sanah helwa ya nani..
Saeng-il chuka hamnida..

Monday, 7 November 2011

i'm a BIG girl now..

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

i'm turning 19 this Friday.. and within 2 months i'll be 20 (according to year)
i'm a BIG girl now.. or i suppose a LADY.. =D
i had a conversation with my cousin this evening, and i was curious when she suddenly asked my permission to close the door.
she sat next to me and asked :

"nani nak kawin bila..?"

i laughed..hahahaha..

"paling lambat 27, kenapekah?"

"abah suruh saya kawin umur 25"


"saya nak kawin umur 22, 23"

i laughed..again..

"kiranya..nak kawin lagi awal la ni..?"

"a'ah..sebab umi pon dulu kawin awal.."

"oohh... awak.. kita memang dah besar.. dah boleh kawin.. " *grinning

p/s : i'm single..and still available.. hahahaha..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

mid-sem break

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

mid-sem break will start a day after tomorrow.. yeah.. finally.. i'll be on my bed hugging cik ted and my dear cik u'uu.. it has been 2 months since i left home after coming to shah alam.. i feel like receiving a huge cadboury black forest chocolate bar..!! i miss home.. and i miss scavenging food in the middle of the night just to fill my empty stomach..

but this break is NOT really a break as i got lot of tests coming up after this one week holiday.. and also a TOUGH assignment on constitutional law.. through my past experiences, i decided to only bring back books of 2 subjects to study at home as i believe television will be a very persuasive 'AUTHORITY'.. =D

and this holiday also means that i won't be able to see him for a week *ok,tak payah nak gatal sangat nani*
i think this is a good start to get rid of him from my mind... i doubt if i manage to do that.. the fact that i LIKE that creature is NO joke.. *sigh

p/s: he said "hi nani" and it flattered me.. lol~~

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

do i care..?

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

*tetibe jer..macam tengah angkat vow jer.. :P

recent news---> UT MARA have won PPM CUP.. !! congratulations to all the debaters.. u guys are so awesomeeeeee..! (abg syafiq,abg airie,kak mai & kak ain)

i still am a part of debate club *i think so because i've been absent for 2 times..lalalala..
and it was an accidental participation.. hahaha..

here, i noticed that people didn't put initial respect term when talking to people older than them.. they just call them by their name although that person is way much older than them.. saya orang kampung and actually i'm not really approving this kind of behavior..

when i asked "should i call u abang..... or kakak....?" people just said "no..u don't have to.. it makes me look old"

OMG.. of course you are older than me.. that's why i'm putting an effort to put initial ABANG or KAKAK when talking to you.. but people here just REFUSE to be called that.. for me it's an honor because i can feel that people are respecting me.. but yeaahh.. malaysians now are more mat saleh than mat saleh themselves.. *sigh

YES, I DO...

i don't really care when people backbiting me.. but I DO MIND if it has to do with my family.. don't push the limit to the extend which i can't compromise.. talk all the way you want..but never insult my family.. it will definitely make your face turns livid.. i'm GOOD at punching and slapping things.. hahaha..

be a person who love others.. hatred will lead you to nowhere.. i'm advising myself and you guys.. there's no any loss when you spread your love to others.. :D have a nice breakfast..!

Monday, 24 October 2011

haish =__='

peace be upon u and hi peeps...

this ain't a JOKE..

I ADMIT THAT i'm not EASILY touched by one's act or WORDS..


i too am a HOMOSAPIEN..who got liver-HEART-pancreas-gall bladder..

i do get SENTAP sometimes although it concerns tiny-little-things..


terima kaseh..=___='

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

rambling all the way..

peace be upon u and hi peeps... (^_~)

i just got one class today and the lecture finished 1 hour early.. it was a lecture on TORT - Duty of care (psychiatric illness)..
 wore baju kurung and white scarf (tudung ikan bawal)..
got a front seat, 4th row from the the whiteboard..
i'm writing craps...i noticed that..
spent lots of money on law books... but i don't really mind throwing my precious money on those books as i love the smell -the books-.. (weirdo)
issues on baby dumping have become daily FRONT PAGE title on newspapers..
DARN YOU who dump the babies..
MAY ALLAH show you the right path and do seek and BEG for HIS forgiveness..

that guy.. should i be the one who started..i mean..make the first move..?
have been pondering about that for a couple of weeks..
confident level fell all the way to 7%..
having a thought that he LIKES someone else..
alahai... DEAR nani,  GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF..! tests are queuing up.. books are craving and calling for your attention..


Wednesday, 5 October 2011



p/s : dear heart, please stop beating like you are running at 180km/h
dear fingers, stop clicking at his profile whenever you see him online
dear eyes, stop looking for him every time you enter the faculty
dear ears, stop rewinding his voice over and over again
dear mouth, stop uttering words that are related to him
dear mind, please stop thinking about that creature 

i hate it when my concentration flew away the moment i open my 
unreadable books..
i dislike it when my heart-liver started to pumping out of control
whenever his face pops into my mind

i feel so annoyed when i can't get hold of myself

Ya Allah, please take him away from my mind
i'm afraid i will get lost if i continue to have this
kind of feeling
i hope this feeling is just a mere feeling out of excitement
do show me the right man that has been set for me 
and please take care of my heart and my faith 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

struggling and surviving..

peace be upon u and hi pees (^_~)

it has been awhile since my previous post. It's not that i'm busy (not yet) with my current schedule as a student..but yeah..i don't really feel like blogging. teeetttt..~~ the feeling is in the air so here i'm.. writing on this blog again and i hope that so-called feeling won't ever fade as i don't have any intention to abandon my blog.

i've been here, in UiTM SHAH ALAM since 7/9/11 and of course i skipped the orientation or MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) I went to makngah's house which is in Seremban on the second day of the MDS after registering as UiTM student. I got new roommates and we are totally from DIFFERENT backgrounds. As i wrote in the previous post, i'm actually doing law for 4 years in here, InsyaAllah, and my three other dear roommates are from different courses. Ima-TESL, Chaa-Pendidikan Biologi and Syira-Bahasa Inggeris Komunikasi Profesional.

Pia, my ex-roommate is still sticking well with me as we are classmates for this semester and i'm actually grateful for not being stranded alone in my new class (macamlah aku tak kenal sangat dengan classmate sekarang =_=') For this semester, i'm bounded with 7 subjects including the subject for the 3rd language. FYI, Arabic is in my list subject *grin* I've been leaving this language for 2 years but i hope i can still cope with this language.ameen.

what else should i jot down here..? eemmm.. yeah.. i know this life, i mean being a law student ain't easy, therefore, i'll put my best effort to always be on the exact route and of course to be listed in dean list again. This journey will be a long and stressful one but i believe in Allah and myself that i can pass this test with a great achievement.ameen.

about my second goal which is to look for someone who can be my IMAM.. i'm still on it. *sengih kambing*

I pray to Allah to assist me during this period so that i won't go astray and always be abode by my status as a muslimah. ameen .

p/s: i'm feeling homesick now.. mak..abah..(T_T)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

bila orang mula tanya..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i'm sure your body weight have risen up more than you lost during the fasting month.. it's nothing to be worried about as long as you are healthy and happy :P

before i clarified about what people been asking me lately, i would like to wish you SELAMAT HARI RAYA and you are welcome to my house because i serve lots of free kuih raya.. :D and don't forget to puasa enam during this Syawal to continue our acts in the past month. It is reported that :

"He who fasts in the month of Ramadhan followed by 6 days in Syawal, it is as if he has fasted for one year" (Hadith Muslim)

This can be done continuously or alternately in Syawal , thus, don't miss this great opportunity peeps..!

OK..back to the main topic, apa yang orang mula tanya tu..? This was one of the situations and i didn't expect to be asked such question by someone like her.

i was chewing a small slice of watermelon before my toklang came and sit on the chair beside me. Without any introduction she asked me this question :

"nani dah ada marka (boyfriend)?"

i was like..OMG..asal tetibe tanya soalan macam ni..?  i grinned and finished what i had inside my mouth first and answered this :

"toklang nak jawapan ikhlas ke tak..?

toklang smiled before she said "yang ikhlas laa.."

"kalau jawapan ikhlas macam ni.. ada yang nak kat nani, tapi nani tak nak kat dia.. ada yang nani berkenan kat dia..tapi dia pulak tak mau kat nani..jadi kesimpulannya takdak lagi laa.."

i didn't know what to react except for laughing after giving such answer..  do i look like i already have cik abang sayang..? adoyai... it's not the right time yet.. but i do wish to find my MR RIGHT during my degree.. pray for me..

p/s : i don't like bad boy.. i prefer NICE guy.. :D

Sunday, 28 August 2011

it's over..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

pejam celik pejam celik pejam celik pejam celik pejam celik dan pejam dan celik.. akhirnya Ramadhan dah sampai ke penghujungnya.. hari ini 29/8/11 bersamaan 29 Ramadhan 1432 Hijrah. Masa mula-mula puasa dulu terasa lama jer sebulan nak puasa..tapi sekarang.. dah nak habis.. Aku pasti akan rindu suasana solat teraweh berjemaah di Masjid Jalan Bharu.. Semoga akan ada kesempatan lagi pada Ramadhan seterusnya..

insyaAllah kalau esok memang confirm raya.. harap-harap tak hujan la.. dan dikesempatan ini.. saya sebagai cik punya blog, ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya dan mohon dimaafkan segala kesalahan sama ada telah dilakukan secara sedar atau tidak.. Mohon diikhlaskan segalanya..

aku harap aku akan istiqamah dengan segala benda yang aku buat dalam bulan Ramadhan ni.. Semoga ia tidak terbantut seperti habisnya Ramadhan..dan aku harap korang pun akan istiqamah jugak.. sesungguhnya aku memang teringin sangat tahap mega nak masuk dalam SALAM PERANTAUAN yang selalu ada dalam paper UTUSAN tu.. aku teringin gilak nak berpuasa dan beraya kat negara orang dan rasa suasana kat tempat orang.. Aku doa semoga akan ada kesempatan itu.. ameeen.. (^_^)

InsyaAllah..minggu depan akan ku jejak sekali lagi tanah UiTM SHAH ALAM sebagai siswazah tahun pertama.. semoga segalanya dipermudahkan..


Monday, 22 August 2011

oh adikku..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

perbualan ini berlangsung selepas sahur sehingga sebelum waktu subuh

watak :

kakak - 19 tahun
adam  - 9 tahun
awa    - 8 tahun


adam : "kakak umur brapa?"

kakak : "19 laa.. "

awa : "kakak nak kawin bila?"

kakak : "dah habis belajar, kak kawin la.." (sambil sengeh..dalam hati..adik-adik aku ni laa)

awa : "kak habis belajar bila?"

kakak : "lagi 4 tahun..23 habis laa..insyaAllah.."

awa : "awa tahu siapa awek kak"

adam : "awek ka..? awek untuk perempuan laa..pakwe untuk lelaki"

kakak : "mana ada.. RAHSIA la.."

adam : "adam tahu kakak nak kawin dengan siapa.."

kakak : "siapakah?"

adam : "sepupu kita tu.. adam tengok dia macam suka ja kat kak"

kakak : "(gelak besar) pasal apa pulak dia suka kat kak? macam mana adam tahu?"

adam : " sebab dia suka ja sembang dengan kakak"

awa : "betol2..awa pun rasa dia suka kat kakak"

kakak : "macam2 laa.. kakan sembang ja dengan abang2 sepupu yang lain.. kira depa suka kakak jugak la..?"

adam : "tak lain.."

kakak : "(gelak lagi) dah-dah..tak payah nak pikir bukan-bukan"

awa : "kak nak kawin bila..?"

kakak : "27 kot.. eh..macam tua pulak.."

adam : "tuanya.."

kakak : "(gelak lagi)..dah..dah..jom solat.. subuh dah masuk.."

jodoh pertemuan, ajal maut dan rezeki semua di tangan Allah..
kita hanya mampu merancang.. tapi Allah yang menentukan..

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

alhamdulillah..up to this moment we are still here, having the chance to breathe and enjoy the breeze of the month of barakah, Ramadhan. May Allah grants all the prayers that we made and may HIS love for us last forever. Aameeen.

i'm gonna write about commitment in this post. why commitment? because this is my blog and not yours and thus, i'm free to write anything i want.

the word commitment popped out into my mind as soon as my mak talked about what-should-you-consider-before-getting-married. COMMITMENT is one of the important things that should be considered before choosing someone as your partner. why? because once one is committed with his/her life, insyaAllah he/she can lead or can help his/her spouse to live a good and blessed life.

for example :
1) As a slave to our LORD, Allah, we should obey what is written in the Holy book, Al-Quran, which is to stay away from any kinds of munkar or sins and always do good things or ma'ruf. If one can fulfill this criteria, insyaAllah, his/her life will be blessed.

2) As a follower to our Prophet Muhammad, we should try our best to follow his SUNNAH. Prophet Muhammad was the greatest man on the earth and we have nothing to lose if we take him as our role model. The prophet is reported to have said this in his last sermon :

" I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray."

we will never go astray if we are committed in following these two treasures.InsyaAllah

3) As a child to our parents or our caretakers, we have to carry out the obligation which is to love, respect and take a good care of them. That's our responsibilities and we are left with no choice except to fulfill it.

4) As a human being, we have the responsibilities to contribute good things to the nation, religion, race and etc. 

It's all about COMMITMENT and thus, it plays such a big role in one's life. Don't simply choose a person as your partner based on his/her look (though it's important too to produce cute little babies :p). Think thoroughly and make istikharah. With God's will, the right one will be exposed to you. (^_~)

Friday, 5 August 2011


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

I hope Ramadhan treats you well :)

this is just a short entry.. the DIA in my previous entry -situasi-
i finally found DIA's side picture in one of 400++ pictures..

mood--> senyum..tak perlu kata apa-apa..

Monday, 1 August 2011


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)


I would like to invite all of u to make use of me as much as u can..
I will only last for a month..
I will not be entertaining u after this one month..

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.;
مَنْ صَامَ رَمَضَانَ إِيْمَانَاً وَاحْتِسَاباً غُفِرَ لَهُ مَا تَقَدَّمَ مِنْ ذَنْبِهِ
"Sesiapa mengerjakan puasa Ramadhan kerana imannya (kepada Allah) dan mengharapkan pahala dariNya, akan diampunkan untuknya segala dosanya yang lalu". (Riwayat Imam Bukhari dan Muslim dari Abu Hurairah r.a.)

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w;
إِذَا كَانَ أَوَّلُ لَيلَةٍ من شَهرِ رَمضَانَ صُفَّدتِ الشَّياطينِ ومَردَةُ الجنِّ وغُلِّقتْ أَبوابُ النِيرانِ فلَمْ يُفتَحْ منها بابٌ وفُتِّحتْ أَبوابُ الجنَّةِ فلَمْ يُغلَقْ منها بابٌ ويُنَادِي مُنَادٍ يا بَاغِيَ الخيرِ أَقبِلْ ويا بَاغِيَ الشَّرِّ أَقصِرْ. ولله عُتَقَاءٌ من النَّارِ وذَلكَ كُلَّ لَيلَةِ
Apabila tiba malam pertama Ramadhan akan diikat/dirantai segala syaitan dan jin-jin yang sesat, ditutup segala pintu neraka hingga tidak ada satu pintu pun yang dibuka, dibuka segala pintu syurga hingga tidak ada satu pintupun yang ditutup. Seorang penyeru (yakni Malaikat) akan berseru; "Wahai orang yang mengejar kebaikan! Tampillah kamu. Wahai orang yang ingin melakukan kejahatan! Undurlah kamu (yakni berhentilah dari melakukan kejahatan)". Akan terdapat orang-orang yang bakal dibebaskan Allah dari api neraka. Hal demikian itu berlaku pada setiap malam (di sepanjang Ramadhan)[Riwayat Imam at-Tirmizi, Baihaqi dan Ibnu Hibban dari Abu Hurairah r.a.]                                                     

Friday, 29 July 2011

abah kata..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i had a conversation with my abah on our way to KL. It was just the two of us in the car as my mak was not coming along with us. As the time passed and we both got boring looking at the endless road in front of us, i started a conversation which related to how-abah-met-mak and abah's love story.

seriously, i laughed out loud as soon as abah started telling me his love story. I'd never imagined that abah would gone through all the stories that he told me, but yeah, abah was once young too. And i never thought that abah would uttered all those jiwang-sastera words. Hahahahahaa... This was what abah said :

"cinta tu bukan untuk ditangisi tapi untuk dinikmati. Cinta tu bukan datang sehari tapi dipupuk. Kalau orang kata,-aku jatuh cinta bila tengok si dia-, itu bukan cinta tapi rasa. Contoh, cinta ibu bapa pada anak-anak, cinta tu dipupuk sejak dari kecil sebab tu ibu dan bapa ni risau kalau jadi apa-apa pada anak-anak."

i was nodding and grinning at the same time. peeeerrrgggghhhhhh. Abah, you sure had read lots of H.M TUAH ISKANDAR's book. I can't deny the fact that love is supposed to make two persons happy and not drowning in distraught. When people do not place the love towards their spouses in the exact place, then, they might get frustrated sampai terguling-guling when the love that is hoped to last forever ended earlier than their aims.

Below is the hierarchy of love :
1) Love towards GOD -Allah-
2) Love towards the MESSENGER -Rasulullah-
3) Love towards parents
3) Love towards self
4) Love towards others

Therefore, do place the love at its right spot. Peeps, love is nature or in other word, FITRAH. Don't ever deny the existence of love because without love, we will not be here, without love, the world will be full of hatred.

p/s : i went to KL for the SD scholarship interview. I just hope that i managed to get to the final stage and get chosen as one of the scholarship holders. Do pray for me. =)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

random thoughts..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

Actually, at this moment i should be sitting on the sofa in the 2nd living room with my eyes on the television screen watching the red warriors against harimau malaya.. However, it's too tedious to watch the game because none of the team scored any goal. I was expecting some exciting and cool moves from CHELSEA and HARIMAU MALAYA but i got so disappointed with both teams and yes, i left the 'game' and just waiting for the update on the facebook for the result.

I have a book which captivated me and i'm still reading it. It's a book written by a famous-popular-hot guy named John Grisham titled Theodore Boon. I've never read his piece of writing but i heard that his books are all amazing, so i decided to buy this 263 pages book. The gist of this novel is actually about how a 13 year-old boy solved a murder case and the laws applied in the case. I love law and that's the reason i love this novel.

After repeating the the same novel for about 2 to 3 times which is VERSUS written by HLOVATE, i came to think about where should i live when i have settled down. I'm pretty sure that i will not choose Malaysia because i think it's hard to teach my kids about Islam when the people around them who are muslims are not practicing Islam as their way of live. What should i say if my son asks me :

"mummy, why those girls didn't wear tudung..? it's wajib right for girls to cover their hair..?"

it will be easy if i live in a community who are not muslims as i can easily give this answer :

"Because they are not muslims."

it's one of the examples. Don't you think so guys..? :)


Friday, 15 July 2011

thank you Allah

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

                        PROGRAM : LW213 SARJANA MUDA PENGAJIAN
                                              UNDANG-UNDANG ( KEPUJIAN)
                                              FAKULTI UNDANG-UNDANG  

Ya Allah, i thank you for giving me this opportunity to pursue my study
in this course which i always dream for. Guide me to the right path 
and may YOU ease all the obstacles i might face. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

memang macam ni..

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

kalau orang tanya "kau ok tak?"
- "ok jer, asal..? aku nampak tak ok ke..?"
- "TAK" {itu bermaksud aku memang tak ok dan takde mood nak cakap}

kalau orang tanya "kau suka aku tak?"
- "SUKA jer, tapi bukan macam suka NUR kat ADAM"
- "eerr..neutral" {itu bermaksud aku rasa tak boleh ngam dengan dia}

kalau orang tanya "kau single ke?"
- "haruslah, mati aku kalau abang aku tahu aku dah tak single"

kalau orang kata "nani, kau jangan nak try dia"
- "aku bukan jenis makan kawan la"

kalau orang kata "kau tak payah la nak gedik sangat"
- "bila masa pulak aku tergedik-gedan ni..?"

kalau orang kata "kau tak payah la baik sangat dengan orang"
- "aku rasa aku respond sama jer dengan semua orang"

kalau orang kata "aku sayang kau"
- "ok"

kesimpulannya, aku memang macam ni. Kadang-kadang people get easily SENTAP because my answer doesn't meet their satisfaction. Kalau aku kata aku nak aiskrim, maknanya aku memang nak aiskrim. KALAU bagi bunga matahari pun, memang sah-sah aku tak nak. Bila aku dah kata aku akan buat, maknanya aku AKAN buat, lambat @ cepat jer yang membezakannya.

tapi semua jawapan tu akan berubah bila situasi berubah

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

it's all about WAN

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

this post is actually a tribute to my best girlfriend-sahabat ever (insyaAllah) who is known as WAN. I call her WAN instead of NUR or HUSNIYAH. We became close during our high school years which started from 2008 if i'm not mistaken. We are so so so so much different from each other and i think that's the X factor for us to be friend up till now.

-gambar muda-muda, i think it was in 2009-

why the fish i made this post..? To promote her..? maybe..hahaha~~ those who are interested to Know her with the big K, you have to go through me first for the first screening. Please me and you will have the chance to kenal-kenal her. ok NANI, cut the crap.

Wan told me that i've said this to her which make her burst into tears:

"Kalau aku tak jadi kawan hang, siapa lagi yang nak jadi"

i know it sounds kejam gilak but as far as i know (which was reminded by Wan), this super sentence had actually make her think for a while and finally came out with this sentence ;

"Kalau hang tak jadi kawan aku, aku tak tau siapa yang nak jadi" 
(i think i add up some words to make it sounds better)

That was how we started our friendship. We've gone through hell and high water together (yeke wan? hahaha) Laugh together, Gediks together, Repent together, Rempit together, Cry together, Scream and Yell together and etc.  Although sometimes we do merajuk with each other but it never last longer than a day (kan..?). 

-majlis khatam al-Quran-

As a good-sweet-cute friend that she trust with her whole liver-heart-intestines, i have actually become her adviser and listener in any matters regarding her life. And of course her love matter is not excluded. She shared with me  all her stories whether the break-ups, rejoined or crush. I got easily pissed off when it comes to her current love story which i hope and pray will end shortly because i don't like him. Wan knew that fact and she can't blame me for that. 

After our last conversation which was this evening, i felt so relieved because she has found someone 11% better than that MAN. I know i don't have the right to interfere in her private matter but i can't help myself from doing so because i don't have the gut to see her crying over someone who is not worth to be with. I don't know whether Wan and her new crush or i prefer the word TEMAN will go to the next stage. But however the result is, he got my approval and i hope Wan won't repeat her same mistakes. 

I love you Wan and this love will only die when my soul and my body are apart. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, i seek for your forgiveness for all my sins and my best friend's wrongdoings. Have mercy on us and may you bless our friendship. Ameen.

Monday, 11 July 2011

dah nak puasa...

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

hari ni bersamaan dengan 10 SYA'ABAN 1432 HIJRAH -11/7/2011-
dengan makna @ erti @ maksud yang lain lagi 19 hari nak masuk RAMADHAN.. 
dan lagi 5 hari NISFU SYA'ABAN... dan dengan erti kata lain..kepada mereka-mereka yang tak sedar-sedar diri lagi, yang tak habis qada' puasa tahum lepas @ tahun-tahun yang lepas.. SILALAH ganti.. tinggal tak berapa hari dah ni..

kalau Allah tarik nyawa tapi hutang dengan DIA tak langsai lagi, memang cari NAHAS laa..
bila ada manusia yang berlainan jantina dengan aku (which is man..and not a gay) mengeluarkan kata-kata sebegini :

"korang takpe laaa... ada cuti puasa..kitorang puasa non-stop tau.. 30 hari beb..takde cuti langsung..kalau terkandas 2, 3 hari tu kira ok laaa.."

aku dengan tak puas hatinya jawab :

"ni pakcik..korang ingat kalo dapat cuti puasa tu BEST ke..? ok.. best la jugak.. tapi korang ingat free ke..?? kena bayar balik dow.. dan bila kena bayar balik tu..korang ingat senang ke nak menepis anasir-anasir luar yang mengganggu bila kena puasa dalam bulan orang yang tak puasa..? air liur bergelen-gelen telan pun tak taw dah.. lagi satu, ingat senang ke nak makan curi-curi ni..? macam perompak pun ada tau.. adoyai"

dan aku sungguh tak paham kenapa orang lebih suka tinggalkan puasa macam tu jer.. mungkin mereka-mereka itu masih tak rasa nikmat RAMADHAN.. aku tumpang kasihan .. dan aku harap aku dan korang semua yang terBACA post ni tak tergolong dalam mereka-mereka tersebut.

jom sama-sama KEJAR sampai tak terkejar REDHA ALLAH.. jangan sampai Tuhan tak sayang kita.. itu sangatlah DISASTER..!! lagi satu, ape kata kita start puasa sunat dalam bulan sya'aban ni.. supaya taklah terKUJAT sangat bila masuk RAMADHAN.. :)

Monday, 4 July 2011


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

this post is written by me as soon as i completed my reading on MR K's new post which is Saya Suka Lelaki Berfantasized Pasal Badan Saya  . Ya Allah, urut dada jer bila baca post tu. It's so undeniable and this is where the saying "Truth is so damn BITTER" is greatly applied.

I'm a girl and it's alright but it feels so hurt when a guy-man-boy wrote about my species like that although it's all true. It sounds just like those seksi-yang-menyeksasan are whores and indirectly and implicitly hurt my pride as i knew and know that most of the girls are MUSLIMAH. Astaghfirullah. May Allah show the right path to them and to us.

I remembered my conversation with my brother and my cousin when we're waiting for our meals to come. As we sat outside the restaurant with the intention to get some fresh air, two SEXY girls passed by our table.

"Macam mana la orang laki tak tengok. Semua benda nak tunjuk. Kalau nak kata BEST, memang la best, boleh cuci mata free tapi DOSA. Alahai la perempuan.."

I was like...eerrkk...speechless. Abang and Naim were right. And what MR.K wrote was right too. Allah forbids us, women, to show our aurat to those who are not MUHRIM.


Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.(An-Nur 24:30)


And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.) and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent (like palms of hands or one eye or both eyes for necessity to see the way, or outer dress like veil, gloves, head-cover, apron, etc.), and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms, etc.) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husband's sons, their brothers or their brother's sons, or their sister's sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e. their sisters in Islam), or the (female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful. (An-Nur 24:31)

To be a BAIK person is not that easy. The battle in ourself is the hardest part. Why..? Because to go against the norms is so so so so HARD. It's not easy to change from reading REMAJA which is our favorite magazine ever to SOLUSI which we never thought of reading it. It's not easy to lower our gaze all the time when we are used to enjoy the 'beautiful' sight that Allah created in this world. BUT there's always a way if we have a strong WILL to change to a better person. InsyaAllah.

Asal tak bogel je? sume tengok, sume nak rogol,ade je yang sebok2 nak sentuh, dok follow lagi, time2 tuh jugak die fantasize.. kan lagi bertambah confident camtuh sebab terbukti laki betul2 minat.. nih takat laki renung je, mane nak tau, tah2 dok hina kate pompuan tak malu lah, muka huduh nak seksi2, nak termuntah la, menyampah ke, takde duet sume baju ketat2 n tak cukup kaen ke, makbapak tak ajar ke, nanti ade kes rogol, laki jugak yang salah.. betul tak? dari diri sendiri lak, ternampaklah sume kelemahan yang ade, kurap ke, kulit tak licin ke, berjerawat ke, ketiak berbau ke, ade selulit ke, lemak terkumpul ke.. pelik tol pompuan nih.. tak nak rase spesel langsung depan suami padahal nanti suami tuh la yang akan bawak die masuk ke syurga.. ke ko nih tak percaya syurga neraka? hurm.. payah jugak kalo sampai tahap camtuh.. semoga diberi hidayah Allah s.w.t.. neway, ramai laki berpendapat, yang seksi2 nih nak wat maen2 je, nanti nak kawen, nak cari yang baek2 and menutup aurat.. tak nak anak nanti jadi anak yang tak solehah.. so, sampai bile ye ko nak seksi2? sampai hancur hidup sendiri? smpai ke tua tak kawen2? bile dah tua, nak seksi2 lagi? nasihat je nih.. kalau saya salah, delete je lah komen ni.. if u r open minded, then, open ur mind to see what actually the msgs I've expressed..

this is one of the comments that MR.K received about his latest post. I was attracted by this sentence:

"ramai laki berpendapat, yang seksi2 nih nak wat maen2 je, nanti nak kawen, nak cari yang baek2 and menutup aurat.. tak nak anak nanti jadi anak yang tak solehah.."

ooohhhhoooo brothers..! i'm so against that sentence. You guys are so MEAN.. Why do you guys take these girls for granted..?? NAK BUAT MAIN-MAIN JER..?? Do you think those girls toys ke..?? Boleh pulak tu, kalau nak kawin NAK CARI YANG BAIK-BAIK SEBAB TAK NAK ANAK JADI TAK SOLEHAH.. APEKAH..??? APE ni..??? it sounds like you guys have no sense of RESPONSIBILITY.. 

ni pakcik-pakcik sekalian, YOU guys should give some thoughts to what i'm gonna write here.
Do you guys think you deserve someone as good as NUR AMINA if you guys are nothing more than BOTAK..? Do you think you can have a wife who is a good cook if you are not titled to be an IMAM for her and for your family..? Do you think Allah will give you that 'solehah' girl as you wish when you had been flirting with another girls before you get married..?? hheeiiiii.. BUKAK HATI..BUKAK MATA laa...

A good man is meant to be with a good woman and vise versa. Daripada you guys flirt dengan diorang and then dump them because you think you are way mUCH better than them LEBIH BAIK you guys bimbing diorang dan diri sendiri ke arah yang lebih baik.. kan elok macam tu..? 

THINK.. =)

Monday, 27 June 2011

aku emo ker..?? eerrrr..

peace be upon you and hi peeps (^_~)

this is just a short and quick post.. when i set my fb's status as sy relax and cool jer, a friend of mine which is my ex-roommate aka kawan-gilak-bengong-sengal commented this  :

"bile nasi lambat, bile lapar, bile nasi kat pizza xbrpe nk masak, bile air milo da agak2 nk basi, bile kawan kau emo, bile bace novel, bile ngantuk, bile ko tgk cerite korea, paling emoooo"

only then i realized, how critical and emo i was.. hahahha..

Sunday, 26 June 2011

aku jawab...

peace be upon you and hi peeps (^_~)

how do i start this..? ok.fine..i already started.. agaggaa..bear with me.. =) the title up there is "aku jawab". Apa yang aku jawab..? answering phone..? answering topical questions in my sister's SPM chemistry book...? (oh NO.  I swear..i won't ever do that) answering call from Yayasan Sime Darby regarding the scholarship? (i'm waiting for that)..answering WHAT..??

these are the answers that i gave when people ask me any random or boring-standard-questions :

1) "hai, rasa macam kenal jer awak. Have we met before?"
NA : yeke..? tak perasan plak..awak kenal saya ker..?
aku : NO, and i'm not interested in answering any further questions from u. have a good day.
        (tapi jawapan macam ni selalunya bergantung pada appearance tuan punya soalan..ahaakkss)

{NA-->normal answer}

2) "hai, tengah buat apa tu..?"
NA : tengah tengok tv. Awak..?
aku : ni adalah soalan piawai yang paling aku tak suka jawab. Obvious sangat kot aku tengah chat dengan ko. Takkan la aku tengah nyanyi dondang sayang sambil minum milo cincau kot.

3) "awak tak tido lagi..?"
NA : not yet. awal lagi la wak kalo nak tido..
aku : kalau saya dah tido, takde maknanya saya tengah on9 sekarang. Adoyai..

4) "bila awak nak belanja saya makan..? asyik saya jer belanja awak"
NA : esok nak..? esok saya free..
aku : macam tak ikhlas jer belanja saya sebelum ni. Macam ni lah kawan zaman skarang. Jom pegi sakarang.
       (kalau masa tu tengah free)

5) "jom makan"
NA : kat mana..?
aku : siapa bayar..? aku ke ko..?

6) "awak marahkan saya ke saya cakap macam ni..?
NA : saya cuma tak suka awak cakap macam tu
aku : tak laa..saya cuma bengang tahap giga jer.. Cakap dengan saya esok. Takde mood sekarang.

7) "can i have your no?"
NA : erm..
aku : no ape..? no surat beranak ke..?

8) "awak sihat..?"
NA : alhamdulillah...ok..awak..?
aku : setakat ni tak masuk lagi emergency room, so kira alhamdulillah laa.

9) "bila nak berubah jadi macam perempuan melayu terakhir ni..?"
NA : nanti laa... saya tak suka jadi hipokrit
aku : tak nak la jadi perempuan melayu terakhir. Jadi yang second last lagi best

10) "nama penuh ape ye?"
NA : Semah binti Selamat
aku : Jap, nak check ic..

jawapan aku selalunya panjang dan tak menjawab soalan. Bila aku pikir balik, mesti member-member (the word member refers to KAWAN not the other meaning) aku bengang dengan jawapan aku. Tapi tu la yang menyebabkan kitorang stick kawan sampai sekarang. Sebab jarang nak jumpa orang yang macam AKU.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


peace be upon you and hi peeps (^_~)

aku tak perasan pun yang dia satu group dengan aku. Mungkin sebab dia datang from Mesir tapi masa kat Madinah, memang aku tak perasan langsung yang dia wujud.

situasi 1 : 
"sah ke ambil wudhuk kalau guna air yang dah dicelup dengan tangan. Bukan ke air tu dah dikira air musta'mal?"

-selesai buat umrah, aku ambil semula wudhuk untuk solat Subuh berjemaah. Tapi disebabkan aku tak tahu ladies kat mana, aku ambil keputusan untuk ambik wudhuk guna air zam-zam. Aku isi cawan plastik dengan air zam-zam, then aku CELUK ambil air tu untuk basuh muka dan tangan. Seriously, aku mmg terlupa yg kalau dah celuk dalam air tu, air tu dah dikira air musta'mal dan tak boleh digunakan untuk berwudhuk. Aku tak perasan bila dia ada kat belakang dan perhatikan apa yang aku buat. Alhamdulillah sebab dia nampak dan tegur aku.

situasi 2 :
-di atas bumbung hotel which is tingkat yang paling atas sekali. Masa tu aku naik sorang-sorang sebab nak sidai baju yang baru dibasuh. Maklumlah, cuaca kat Makkah panas, so baju cepat kering. Sambil tengah nyanyi-nyanyi kosong (aku rasa aku nasyid masa tu) aku terperasan ada orang baru sampai. Bila aku pusing orang tu tengah senyum. Dan orang tu adalah DIA. Untuk 3 minit kitorang dua jer kat atas bumbung sebelum abang aku jadi penyelamat keadaan. Bukan maksud aku dia nak buat apa-apa, cuma tak manis kalau berdua jer kat atas bumbung walaupun hari tengah terang benderang.

situasi 3 :
dalam lif, masa ni aku naik satu lif dengan dia. Kebetulan dia memang nak naik atas dan dalam lif tu ada adik dia sekali.

"Dah tanya ke pasal air musta'mal tu? sebab saya pun tak berapa pasti"
"Dah, betol la tu, tak boleh guna untuk amek wudhuk. Terima kaseh sebab tegur,"

dan aku langsung tak tahu siapa DIA.. =_='

Wednesday, 22 June 2011



peace be upon you and hi peeps (^_~)

ini adalah part terakhir. Sebelum aku sambung dengan journey di Mecca, aku lupa nak tulis tentang cara kami (perempuan) ziarah perkuburan Baqi'. Disebabkan women are not allowed to enter the cemetery, kitorang panjat naik (ok guna LIF) bumbung sebuah bangunan kebajikan. From there, we climbed up a ladder and finally we could see the whole compound of perkuburan Baqi'. SUNGGUH LUAS. Tak salah aku boleh memuatkan lebih 10 000 jenazah. Perkuburan tersebut terletak di seberang jalan yang menghadap masjid Nabawi.

Perjalanan ke Makkah mengambil masa yang agak lama. Lebih kurang 7 jam. Bas bertolak ke Makkah pada 6/6/2011 pukul 3.00 petang dan Alhamdulillah tiba pada jam 11.00 malam. On the way ke Makkah, rombongan kami singgah di Bir Ali, salah satu daripada 4 miqat. Disebabkan semua orang berada dalam keadaan ihram dan takut kena bayar dam (kalau melanggar 13 larangan semasa ihram), kami terus melakukan umrah yg PERTAMA pada jam 1 pagi. Umrah yang pertama ni, semua jemaah ikut skali sebab masih TAK TAHU CARA. Selesai umrah dalam pukul 3.00 ++ pagi, so, aku dan angkatan bilik aku (tok,ateh dan makcik ina) terus iktikaf kat masjid sebab subuh masuk pukul 4.05 pagi. 

7/6/2011 (SELASA)
-disebabkan baru selesai melakukan umrah yang pertama, dan baru tiba malam tadi, tiada aktiviti yang dijadualkan. Kasi 'can' kitorang rehat sebab tak tidur sejak semalam. 

8/6/2011 (RABU)

-antara tempat-tempat yang diziarahi pada hari tersebut ialah :
1) Bukit Thur 
-kitorang tak daki bukit ni. Hanya melihat daripada jauh. Bukit ini merupakan bukit tertinggi sekali kat Makkah. Jadi korang cuba bayangkan macam mana Rasulullah dan Saidina Abu Bakar daki bukit ni semata-mata nak menyorok daripada kaum Quraisy sewaktu dalam perjalanan berhijrah ke Madinah. SUBHANALLAH. Juga tak lupa kepada Siti Asma (anak Saidina Abi Bakar) yang datang membawa makanan kepada baginda berdua.

-bukit thur-

2)Padang Arafah
-orang tua-tua kata, kalau nak mintak doa JODOH, berdoa di Padang Arafah sebab di sinilah tempat pertemuan kembali Adam dan Hawa selepas dibuang ke dunia. Namun, pakngah kata setakat ini, dia TAK JUMPA lagi mana-mana dalil yang mengatakan 'molek' memohon doa dipertemukan jodoh yang baik di Padang Arafah. Tapi tak rugi kalau doa. YOU LOST NOTHING but INSYAALLAH YOU CAN GAIN SOMETHING sebab as long as you are still in Tanah Haram, InsyaAllah, your doa will be granted. 

Di Padang Arafah ni juga, ada sebuah bukit, iaitu Jabal Rahmah dan alhadulillah, kitorang berjaya sampai ke puncaknya dalam waktu yang singkat sebab bukit ni tak tinggi mana.

-Jabal Rahmah-

Di sini juga, buat julung-julung kalinya aku naik UNTA. oohhhoooooooo..!! dari mula nak naik sampai turun, macam nak pecah perut. Adoyai, lawak sungguh. Lepas naik unta, rasa penat semacam macam baru lepas lari 10 km. Terjerit jugak la masa nak naik dan turun sebab unta tu perlu membongkok and we (aku naik dengan ateh) had to hold kat pemegang, kalau tak, CONFIRM tersembam.

-saat-saat mencemaskan-

3) Muzdalifah
-kalau musim haji, jemaah perlu berada di Muzdalifah walaupun SESAAT sebelum bergerak ke Mina. Di sini juga menjadi tempat para jemaah mencari batu untuk melontar jamrah pada hari-hari di Mina.

-budak ni namanya Amri, aku rse dia tercrush dgn aku- ^_~

4) Mina
-disebabkan terlalu ramai orang pada musim haji, Malaysians punya khemah terpaksa dibina disebalik sebuah bukit. Nama kawasan tu Al-Mu'tasim. Dari situ, ditebuk terowong untuk memendekkan jarak perjalanan iaitu daripada 10 km kepada 2.5 km sahaja untuk pergi melontar. Di sini juga terletak ketiga-tiga jamrah iaitu Jamrah U'la , Jamrah Wusto dan Jamrah Aqabah. 

5) Ja'ranah
-niat ihram di situ untuk melakukan umrah yang ke-2

9/6/2011 (KHAMIS)

1) niat di miqat yang ketiga iaitu TANA'IM

2) Makam Siti Khadijah bt Khuwailid
-tanah perkuburan ini dinamakan Ma'ala dan di sini juga terdapat makam datuk baginda iaitu Abdul Mutalib.

-makam beliau disebalik pintu warna hijau-

3) Makam Maimunah bt Hariz (salah seorang isteri Rasulullah)

-acara kemuncak pada hari tersebut ialah mendaki JABAL NUR untuk ke GUA HIRA' (tak sampai 20 orang jemaah yang ikut). Gua ini merupakan tempat di mana Nabi Muhammad menerima wahyunya yang pertama iaitu pada 17 Ramadhan. Baginda berulang-alik dari rumah ke Gua Hira' kerana baginda ingin mengasingkan diri. Bukit ini tinggi tapi RENDAH sedikit daripada Bukit Thur. Berapa kali berhenti, aku pun tak tahu. Dekat sini aku saksikan sendiri macam mana Allah 'bayar tunai', sebab tu tok kata, kat Tanah Haram ni jaga mulut. memang cash Allah bayar. Kisah disebalik insiden 'bayar tunai' ni ialah :

Sebelum mula mendaki, aku cakap dekat sorang akak tu (kak SALAMA);
"siapalah yang jadi last skali yang sampai kat atas"
sebab aku confident yang aku boleh sampai awal. Aku antara yang paling semangat dan yang mula-mula mendaki. Tapi Allah nak tunjuk, jangan nak CAKAP BESAR. Aku jadi orang yang terakhir sampai atas. Jalan sikit pancit, jalan sikit pancit. Memang Allah bayar cash kat sini.
-boleh nampak menara jam dari sini-

Sepanjang perjalanan naik ke atas, tepi-tepi tangga batu penuh dengan pengemis yang cacat. Kecacatan diorang memang tak pernah aku terpikirkan pun. Dan mengikut kata pak ngah, all the way ke atas, tangga yang dibina ni bukan dibina oleh kerajaan Arab Saudi tapi oleh penduduk pakistan yang tinggal di sekitar kawasan kaki Jabal Nur. Lessons on that day were be PATIENCE and HUMBLE. Walaupun menjadi orang yang terakhir sampai selepas Kak Salama, pendakian ke puncak Jabal Nur memang exciting because i was accompanied by Kak Salama dan banyak perkara lucu yang berlaku antara aku dan beliau. APAKAH perkara tersebut..? ohhhh..itu rahsia aku dengan beliau. Sampai di hotel dalam pukul 7.00++ malam.

-berlatarbelakangkan Gua Hira'(kecik jer gua tu)-

-bersama Sarah,tapi dia dah berkurun sampai-

malam tu jugak, sebelum Isyak, aku buat TAWAF SUNAT alone. Alhamdulillah.

10/6/2011 (JUMAAT)

-no activity (ziarah) was scheduled on that day and we were told that Jumaat is the weekday and Masjidil Haram would be extra crowded. Pakngah kata, hari Jumaat orang Arab pakat bawak family masing-masing ke Tanah Haram which is berbeza dengan situasi kat Malaysia. Kalau kat Malaysia, weekend jer, family akan bawa pergi picnic. Well, cara orang Arab spend time on their weekend memang TERBAEK..! 

11/6/2011 (SABTU)

1) Ladang Unta
-oohhhooooooo..buat kali kedua aku melihat unta. Kali ni PEGANG terus. Di sini ada dijual susu unta FRESH. Sebotol 5 riyal. Nasib baik la abang beli sebotol jer. SUMPAH 'sedap'!. Aku minum seteguk. Abang minum beberapa teguk sebelum botol tu selamat masuk tong sampah =_='.

2) Niat di miqat yag ke-4 iaitu Hudaibiah

3) Tawaf Masjidil Haram

-tawaf masjidil haram ni tak termasuk dalam list ziarah. Aku, abang, Acik Zana dan suaminya je yang semangat nak tawaf masjidil haram ni. Rugi la kalau tak tengok setiap tingkat dan pintu yang ada. Masjid yang sedia ada besar ni sebenarnya masih under construction untuk diperluaskan lagi. Masjid ni terdiri daripada 3 tingkat. Tapi tingkat atas sekali which is tingkat 3, women tak boleh naik. Jadi masa abang aku dan suami acik zana round tingkat 3 kitorang lepak sambil tengok KA'ABAH. ALHAMDULILLAH. Perjalanan kitorang tawaf ambil masa dalam 2 jam iaitu daripada pukul 10 malam sampai 12.00 ++ pagi.

-ada menara jam sebelah kanan gambar, tapi tak nampak pulak, 

12/6/2011 (AHAD)

-merupakan hari terakhir di Makkah. Sebelum meninggalkan Makkah, semua wajib melakukan TAWAF WADA'. Mengikut Mazhab Syafie, selepas melakukan Tawaf Wada' tidak boleh melakukan apa-apa aktiviti seperti shopping. 3 perkara yang dibolehkan hanyalah :
1) membeli makanan untuk perjalanan (kerana mungkin lapar semasa dalam perjalanan)
2) pergi ke tandas
3) menunggu kawan
kalau pergi jugak shopping (which is akan membuatkan perasaan sayu untuk meninggalkan Tanah Haram HILANG) perlu melakukan semula TAWAF WADA'.

bas bertolak dalam pukul 12.20 pagi hari ISNIN bersamaan 13/6/2011.
Perjalanan pulang ke Malaysia agak KACAU bila penerbangan ke Bangladesh delayed for more than 12 hours. Jadi, kitorang telah disediakan dengan hotel di Jeddah di bawah tanggungan BIMAN AIRLINES. Sampai je di Dhaka, flight ke Malaysia dah menunggu. Ada hikmah rupanya delayed lama di Jeddah. Tiba di KLIA pada 14/6/2011 (SELASA) around 2.30 pm. Disebabkan mak dah booking flight ke penang at 4.50 pm, kitorang terpaksa rush ke LCCT. Naseb baik sempat naik sebab masa kitorang tengah berlari ke pintu keluar, pengumuman panggilan terakhir untuk passengers ke Penang sedang dibuat. Sempat merasa marathon  sebelum sampai Penang.