Tuesday, 22 January 2013


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

I'm home and is fully occupied until the end of this semester break. Why? oohh, it is because mak has made some plans for me this break. Mak wanted me to bake chocolate cake as she planned to sell it at school (where she teaches). So, now, i'm involved in this small business. I enjoy baking the cakes, actually i STEAM the cakes *eh, wujud ke steam kek?eerr..*. I received good responses from the students and the teachers so far. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. I hope they enjoy my cakes and also the blueberry muffins. I hope Allah grant them joy and happiness whilst eating those sweet cakes. :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

a hectic start

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i know, i realize and i'm aware that i have left alone this 'contengan ingatan' for quite a while. My last post was on November and now is already a new year. 2013.*sigh

Lots of things happened and i couldn't find any appropriate time to jot them here. But now, i do have lots of time and spaces to really conteng this blog. yeeaayy..!!

People, i started the year of 2013 which was believed by some people to not be existed because the world has ended*bullshit* with an atmosphere of tense and dull.Why? Because my final exam started on 3rd of January and i couldn't go out to see the bunga api because i was afraid i would waste my precious time to revise and remember notes ..! *ok, itu propa :P
But, honestly, i don't really care about the celebration on the new year's eve because i don't do that. I mean, i don't go to any padang or dataran to just count the seconds before the clock turns 12.01 a.m.

Back to my final exam. I had to sit for 5 papers which are Land Law I, Law of Equity and Trust, Criminal Law I, Administrative Law and Law of Sale of Goods and Hire Purchase (SOGA). And for the first time since Asasi, i used an extra booklet to accommodate my long answers. I'm being extra excited because i never did it although my friends had done it way long since Asasi.*tepuk dada  

I pray that all my answers are correct and my lecturers would spare me good marks and grades. Ameeen.
Till my next conteng, lets be a productive ummah :)