Monday, 27 May 2013

cuteness overload

peace be upon u people (^_~)

they are too cute and i can't stop 
myself from sharing this photo :D

comel sangat kan? they are twins but they are so

p/s: i pray i'll have twin child one day :)

confession #2

i have stop taking kopi 'o' every morning but still, i do not think i can face him without feeling awkward

Friday, 24 May 2013

Suka Sibuk

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
Peace be upon u peeps (^.~)

A super long-hectic week has just passed and now i'm missing it. I miss being busy, terkejar sana terkejar sini. Maybe because i used to be busy when i was in LawSociety.

Well people, Environmental Awareness Week 2013 can be considered as a successful event. At least, i consider it as a success. I wasn't the committee of the campaign, but, nani being nani, always bugging into other's matters, got involved in preparing and conducting the event. I don't know what the REAL committees thought of me being busybody, but still i'm relieved it all went as planned though there were some hiccups. After all, it wouldn't be that interesting if there was no surprise during the day of the event. Seminar went well too. The tardiness of one of the panels was not of our faults. But, the blame that should be borne by us is we didn't make or have a back-up plan. In the end we did learn so many things in organizing that event.

My respect towards the only person whom i call BOSS (clinton) has tremendously increased throughout the event. He  faced too many things in that week but still he was able to compose himself to remain cool. He was not that 'cool' but his response towards the problems should be applauded. I hope i was of any help for him and not some sort of burden to him.

I wish to upload some pictures during the event, but my so-called BOSS didn't transfer it to my pendrive. Cisss.. padahal my pendrive was at his laptop that day. Sabar jer laa.. Till i upload those pictures, stay healthy people :)