Wednesday, 30 May 2012

tahi cicak

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i just love wearing full suit of black and white =D

Monday, 28 May 2012


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i miss blogging so much.. i've been so busy lately but at this moment i feel like writing something on this blog.. happy reading :)

my sister, known as kakchik was selected as one of penuntut di KMPP and we (all my siblings, mak and tok) sent her there this morning.. after a hectic and a long traffic jam, we managed to get there.. after registering and doing all the necessary stuffs, we went to kakchik's room.. there are 4 persons per room. After sometimes, came kakchik new roommate, i don't know her name, but she is from Kelantan.. 

me, kakchik,kakyang and awa went to salam with that makcik (roommate's mom) then she (the makcik) asked, "ni siapa?" and then mak and tok started explaining which one is kakak, which one is second and so forth.. after quite sometime chitchatting with that makcik, she asked again "mana satu kakak?" 

and i was like "err.." raising up my hand and grinning


"oh, makcik ingat yang tu kakak.." (while pointing at kakchik and kakyang)

"saya la makcik..saya dah 20 tahun.. oh..mudanya saya" (sambil senyum kambing)

the next unforgettable scene was when we (me,kakchik,kakyang,awa and mak) sat side by side, when that makcik said this:

"sama ja semua.. mak tu tak nampak macam mak pon.. nampak macam kakak dengan adik-adik ja"

and mak was so happy with that statement.. she laugh sambil muka macam-nak-blushing

but poor abang, he doesn't look like he's 21.. in fact people who don't know him might say that he is married with 2 kids.. oohhhh.. 

done with the introduction.. now to the gist.. :)

being young is one of the most wanted thing among people.. why..? because life becomes harder as the time passes by.. and problems become inevitable..
being young means less stress, less problems, less spending cost and such.. but for me.. i like the most when my birthday say hello to me as it marks the changes in my life.. not just my age beranak another number, my emotion, my way of life, my way of speaking, thinking,dressing and etc also change..
me too love to look young but gaining another number to my age does not scare me.. it is a sign of maturity.. it is a symbol of how i had lived my life.. 

so peeps, don't get scared when u see wrinkles on your face.. because it actually illustrates how brave you are in leading this complicated life.. and also..those are the warning signs from Allah that you can be called back to HIM anytime, anywhere.. so be PREPARED! :)

till my next post, have a bless and blast day :D

Saturday, 5 May 2012


peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

still remember these kids..? yeaahh.. anak kembar maksu aku.. dah besar kan..? :D

perlu cari masa untuk jumpa diorang nanti.. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

datang sendiri

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i'm doing just great for now.. yeeaahhh.. see, confessing jiwa had successfully ease my mind and emotion.. u guys should do the same thing.. keeping those feeling alone, without telling the person to whom the feeling belongs to, is like tahan air seni.. selagi tak buang, asyik menggelupur.. hahaha..

i just came back from ceramah  kokurikulum at Pusat Sukan.. and on my way back (i was with nadia) we went to mc'd to buy icecream.. nadia had been craving for Mc Flurry for quite sometimes.. on our way to mawar (she's staying at the college).. these words randomly came out from my mouth :

"bila la aku nak jumpa kekasih hati ni..?"

"eh..ko nak jumpa siape..?"

"bukan laaa.. maksud aku bilalah aku nak ada kekasih hati ni..?" (grinning)

"tak payah cari dow.. dia datang sendiri.. lagi cari lagi tak jumpa.. macam barang hilang..bila tengah desperate nak sangat barang tu..time tu la tak jumpa..tapi bila tak cari..ada jer terselit kat mana-mana" (aku improvise sikit ayat maksud tetap sama)

i was just grinning... ye la kot... lagi pon, aku dah mintak mak dengan abah tolong carikan.. eehh..baru teringat... diorang kata cari sendiri.. masak la aku macam ni.. adeh.. =_='

oohh yaa.. i just recalled my conversation with tauke kain GAIA (he is a chinese man).. my mak is  a regular customer at his kedai kain.. he had not seen me for quite a while..
but yeah, he still remembers me.. upon seeing me in his kedai kain he walked towards me with a bright face and said this :

"waa..sudah besar sekarang.. lama tak nampak.."

"saya belajar la uncle..dekat shah alam"

"mak u kata u dah ada boyfriend" (actually mak didn't say anything pon dekat dia)

"mana ada la uncle..uncle tolong cari la dekat saya.." (laughing)

"boleh boleh..u mau yang macam mana..?"

"saya nak yang handsome dengan banyak duit..?"

"kalau kaya tapi tak handsome?"

"tak nak lah uncle..kesian anak saya nanti.. tak cantik dia.." (we were both grinning)

"ok ok.. nak tinggi ke rendah.. nak gelap sikit ke..nak putih..?"

"tinggi la uncle.. nak yg cerah sikit la.. saya gelap.. kalau dia gelap jugak.. kesian nanti anak saya.." (laughing..AGain..)

" (nodding) nanti saya cari satu sama u.. sepupu saya tinggi dan putih..  saya janji ni..saya cari satu dekat u.. nanti u datang lagi.. saya tunjuk.."

"ok uncle.. janji ea... nanti saya datang lagi..saya nak tengok.." (laughing)

in fact, i was laughing throughout the conversation.. alahai.. sabar jer laa.. uncle uncle.. i think he had a crush on me..hahaha..

btw.. i had just finish reading kitab Terfaktab #1.. and there are some quotes that i like (i like all the quotes actually) :

"kadang-kadang kita terlalu awal untuk bercinta, tapi kita juga boleh terlalu lambat untuk melaluinya" 

jadi aku rasa, kita kena yakin dan percaya pada jodoh yang Allah dah set untuk kita.. when the right time comes and when we are ready to love someone, Allah will show us the right person that had been written in loh mahfuz to be with us..

from Hamka "cinta bukan mengajar kita lemah, tapi membangkitkan kekuatan. Cinta bukan mengajar kita menghinakan diri, tetapi menghembuskan kegagahan. Cinta bukan bukan melemahkan semangat, tetapi membangkitkan semangat."

love is magic.. and in fact, we are witnessing it right now.. yeah.. the love of parents and children... the love of God and His servants..u guys should know how magic and powerful the love is..

i nodded A LOT when i was reading the kitAb.. yeaahh.. and the article that put a smile on my face is "1 Thing, 2 do, 3 Words, 4 You.. I Love You" the final words from Amoi (the writer) really caught my attention :

"If you love him, go for it.Confess it. Don't regret anything after you confess. But, you should  proud of yourself. At least this kind of act not all girls have the courage to do it. And this experience makes you a stronger girl"

*ok..mood tengah layan jiwang.. lalala.. (^.~)