Tuesday, 25 October 2011

do i care..?

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

*tetibe jer..macam tengah angkat vow jer.. :P

recent news---> UT MARA have won PPM CUP.. !! congratulations to all the debaters.. u guys are so awesomeeeeee..! (abg syafiq,abg airie,kak mai & kak ain)

i still am a part of debate club *i think so because i've been absent for 2 times..lalalala..
and it was an accidental participation.. hahaha..

here, i noticed that people didn't put initial respect term when talking to people older than them.. they just call them by their name although that person is way much older than them.. saya orang kampung and actually i'm not really approving this kind of behavior..

when i asked "should i call u abang..... or kakak....?" people just said "no..u don't have to.. it makes me look old"

OMG.. of course you are older than me.. that's why i'm putting an effort to put initial ABANG or KAKAK when talking to you.. but people here just REFUSE to be called that.. for me it's an honor because i can feel that people are respecting me.. but yeaahh.. malaysians now are more mat saleh than mat saleh themselves.. *sigh

YES, I DO...

i don't really care when people backbiting me.. but I DO MIND if it has to do with my family.. don't push the limit to the extend which i can't compromise.. talk all the way you want..but never insult my family.. it will definitely make your face turns livid.. i'm GOOD at punching and slapping things.. hahaha..

be a person who love others.. hatred will lead you to nowhere.. i'm advising myself and you guys.. there's no any loss when you spread your love to others.. :D have a nice breakfast..!

Monday, 24 October 2011

haish =__='

peace be upon u and hi peeps...

this ain't a JOKE..

I ADMIT THAT i'm not EASILY touched by one's act or WORDS..


i too am a HOMOSAPIEN..who got liver-HEART-pancreas-gall bladder..

i do get SENTAP sometimes although it concerns tiny-little-things..


terima kaseh..=___='

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

rambling all the way..

peace be upon u and hi peeps... (^_~)

i just got one class today and the lecture finished 1 hour early.. it was a lecture on TORT - Duty of care (psychiatric illness)..
 wore baju kurung and white scarf (tudung ikan bawal)..
got a front seat, 4th row from the the whiteboard..
i'm writing craps...i noticed that..
spent lots of money on law books... but i don't really mind throwing my precious money on those books as i love the smell -the books-.. (weirdo)
issues on baby dumping have become daily FRONT PAGE title on newspapers..
DARN YOU who dump the babies..
MAY ALLAH show you the right path and do seek and BEG for HIS forgiveness..

that guy.. should i be the one who started..i mean..make the first move..?
have been pondering about that for a couple of weeks..
confident level fell all the way to 7%..
having a thought that he LIKES someone else..
alahai... DEAR nani,  GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF..! tests are queuing up.. books are craving and calling for your attention..


Wednesday, 5 October 2011



p/s : dear heart, please stop beating like you are running at 180km/h
dear fingers, stop clicking at his profile whenever you see him online
dear eyes, stop looking for him every time you enter the faculty
dear ears, stop rewinding his voice over and over again
dear mouth, stop uttering words that are related to him
dear mind, please stop thinking about that creature 

i hate it when my concentration flew away the moment i open my 
unreadable books..
i dislike it when my heart-liver started to pumping out of control
whenever his face pops into my mind

i feel so annoyed when i can't get hold of myself

Ya Allah, please take him away from my mind
i'm afraid i will get lost if i continue to have this
kind of feeling
i hope this feeling is just a mere feeling out of excitement
do show me the right man that has been set for me 
and please take care of my heart and my faith