Wednesday, 23 November 2011

it's getting harder

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i just finished a test on constitutional law.. it was a marathon of tests this week from MLS to contract and the last test for this week was CONSTI.. doing law ain't easy.. memorizing facts and cases aren't as easy as wearing high heels..

in the contract lecture just now, my lecturer gave some briefing on the accurate answer for the test i did last Tuesday..and guess what.. i can't even imagine how my marks will look like.. the previous presentation on contract was NOT good too.. :( 

Ya Allah.. please give me strength to continue this journey until the very end.. i WILL never give up...the journey is just began.. i'll be a loser if i quit now.. actually the word QUIT should never exist in my life's diary.. this is what people call student's life.. you have to endure it no matter how hard it becomes... STUDY is one big thing that students can't escape from..

i pray my carry marks of all subjects would be a really good help to me.. SURVIVING is hard but i have no other choice.. ALLAH..please assist and lead me well.. :)
i got two same news from two friends of mine which startled be a bit.. i thought when wan said
"ada orang nak taaruf dengan kau" he was just joking.. i was like "tak payah nak buat lawak yg tak lawak kat sini.." i didn't ask who's that person as i thought he was just testing me..

 but when lyana affirmed that (she text me and said "ada orang nak taaruf dengan kau") i was like "YA ALLAH" was the person Lyana said is the same person that wan meant..? i was puzzled for awhile.. and finally i got the answer.. YEAH.. the men who asked to taaruf with me were actually the same person..

*aku memang dah besar.. hahahaha..
i didn't say a thing about the request to taaruf.. awal lagi dow.. baru PART 1 degree..
but i'm least i know he's not one of my haters.. *aku ade haters ke..? :P

the man.. that i once had crushed on.. i think Allah has answered my prayers.. i think he is not meant for me.. i'm ok.. and i'm trying to get rid of him as quick as i can..

Ya Allah.. do guide me so that i won't go astray.. give me the strength to be a brave person who will not waive away especially when the hardest part of my life comes and say hi to me.. may YOU give good health to me,my parents and my family.. ameen.. :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

the day i was born..

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

today is my 19th birthday..

yeah..i mom delivered on one nice date..

and today, i bet, is one of the COOLEST date ever..


i'm officially 19 and still single..*hahahaha

i thank Allah for giving me chance to breathe in this world

i thank my parents for raising me and my siblings well

and i thank u peeps..who pray for me on my birthday..

this is a song i dedicated to myself..

Allah selamatkan kamu,
Happy birthday to you,
Sanah helwa ya nani..
Saeng-il chuka hamnida..

Monday, 7 November 2011

i'm a BIG girl now..

peace be upon u and hi peeps.. (^_~)

i'm turning 19 this Friday.. and within 2 months i'll be 20 (according to year)
i'm a BIG girl now.. or i suppose a LADY.. =D
i had a conversation with my cousin this evening, and i was curious when she suddenly asked my permission to close the door.
she sat next to me and asked :

"nani nak kawin bila..?"

i laughed..hahahaha..

"paling lambat 27, kenapekah?"

"abah suruh saya kawin umur 25"


"saya nak kawin umur 22, 23"

i laughed..again..

"kiranya..nak kawin lagi awal la ni..?"

"a'ah..sebab umi pon dulu kawin awal.."

"oohh... awak.. kita memang dah besar.. dah boleh kawin.. " *grinning

p/s : i'm single..and still available.. hahahaha..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

mid-sem break

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

mid-sem break will start a day after tomorrow.. yeah.. finally.. i'll be on my bed hugging cik ted and my dear cik u'uu.. it has been 2 months since i left home after coming to shah alam.. i feel like receiving a huge cadboury black forest chocolate bar..!! i miss home.. and i miss scavenging food in the middle of the night just to fill my empty stomach..

but this break is NOT really a break as i got lot of tests coming up after this one week holiday.. and also a TOUGH assignment on constitutional law.. through my past experiences, i decided to only bring back books of 2 subjects to study at home as i believe television will be a very persuasive 'AUTHORITY'.. =D

and this holiday also means that i won't be able to see him for a week *ok,tak payah nak gatal sangat nani*
i think this is a good start to get rid of him from my mind... i doubt if i manage to do that.. the fact that i LIKE that creature is NO joke.. *sigh

p/s: he said "hi nani" and it flattered me.. lol~~