Friday, 6 September 2013

A wrap

peace be upon and hi peeps (^_~)

Today is the last day of the month of joyous celebration- Syawal- The month where Muslims all over the world should have celebrated with happiness after the one whole of starving-for-good month -Ramadhan-. Syawal also marked the tragedy of Rabi'a massacre in Egypt. An inhumane, cruel and vicious crime I would say. May Allah bless all the brothers and sisters there.

Ramadhan and Shawal were well spent-off in court. Oh yaa, I did my Industrial Training (a.k.a attachment) at Magistrates Court Balik Pulau for 6 weeks. A very small community as there are only 12 staffs there including me. Everyone was nice. The problem is just me. Couldn't attach myself to the staffs because there are too much age gaps between us. But me, my BIG BOSS and another male staff, kitorang boleh jadi geng. Because both of them are still in their twenties.

-this super sexy superbike belongs to my big boss-

I remembered being so persistent about going to a new lokap located at Bayan Baru. My big boss refused to bring me along because the place would be full of males and I would be the only female there. He even said "sanggup ke kalau tiba-tiba those prisoners londeh baju seluar masa kamu tengah melawat tu?" and I was like "we'll see how it goes sir". It took quite some times to convince him that I'll be fine and I'll take full responsibility if anything happens during the visit. Thankfully, there was no 18 sx scene and I keluar dari tempat tahanan in a good shape. 

As for raya, there was no incident of accident-love-story like last year and I'm grateful for that. Such incident shouldn't have happened. Aiyooo.
I do nothing memorable today and I guess that's a wrap for my raya. 

Another important thing is next week.

New semester is opening very soon and me is so eager to start this new sem. I can't hold myself from being so excited. The thought of studying and being busy just made the butterflies in my stomach fly joyfully!! 
<--- don't worry, I'm still normal and as a normal person I won't be saying that. Hahahaha. I'm praying that I won't be playing too much as I need to secure my pointer at a safe level. May everything go well and may this senior year be a memorable one! :D

p/s: let's pray for the safety of the brothers and sisters who are oppressed in Egypt and in any other parts of the world. May Allah protect them and us. Ameen.