Saturday, 9 February 2013

ladies' trip

peace be upon u and hi peeps (^_~)

i think this picture can explain a little bit about what will be written in this post :) yes, people..! i went to LANGKAWI with my girlfriends for 4 days and 3 nights.

As it was the first vacation with my friends, i was extremely excited and indeed the vacation has left a sweet memory in my life. This vacation was planned before the end of the 3rd semester and it took place 2 weeks after the final exam. There were 8 of us altogether.

We didn't go to Makam Mahsuri, Telaga Tujuh or any of the historical places there as we already went there with our own family when we were younger. It was a teenage-ladies' trip so we just did things like riding on banana boat, parasailing into the sunset, get our shirts wet in the ocean, screaming on bot laju when the water splash, shopping, trembling in the cable car but still can take the best shot of picture and so forth.

The most expensive memory and lesson i gained was that Allah is beautiful. When i was in the sky (parasailing) i witnessed the beauty of Allah's painting. I was speechless for a moment. The sun was setting down, the sky was orange, humans were like ants, the ocean was reflecting the image of the sun and the most beautiful music was echoing up to the sky, the calling for ummah to get ready for prayer. I think i can never forget the feeling and i hope it will never fade away.

People, there's a lot of things that you will learn when you go for vacation or backpacking. Travel more and gain new experiences. Happy travelling!!

p/s: looking forward to go to Sabah for the next trip =)